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Welcome students

Street spectra for education

If you are a student being involved in this activity you will need to follow the next steps.

Contact us if you have any question or want to share some of your results!

Analyze data like a real scientist

Register at Zooniverse

Register on the website and categorize pictures taken by other volunteers. Is it sodium, mercury, metal Halide or LED?

Join the data gathering

Download Epicollect5

Your contributions to the database you will need to download the epicollect5 application and look for the ACTION Street Spectra project. The application is both in the Apple store and in Google play.

Your results in real time

Check the database & map

Your contributions get onto the database as soon as you click on “syncronize” and upload both the data and the pictures. If you want to check them click on the Epicollect5 database and navigate the map you will find after clicking on the upper right corner.

You opinion matters

Answer some questions

Following the link you will find a few questions that will help us in understanding you opinion on the activities you carried out. There are no right or wrong answers: any answer is fine and will help us improve future activities.

Teaching light pollution through citizen science

Our didactic unit

We would like to invite school students to contribute to our project, so we have developed some learning materials. The text discusses artificial light at night effects, review some different types of light pollution, study some of their negative effects and helps to understand how to install lighting sources in such a way that the negative impact is minimized.

Teach the value of a dark sky

– Street spectra –

Our schools

IES Ana María Matute

The Filosofy teachers Eva, Pedro and Paco invited us to present Street Spectra project to give their students the opportunity of participating in a real science project.

IES El Castilla

The secondary school IES El Castilla is participating in Street Spectra project. Their biology teachers Miguel, Alicia and Carmen invited us to visit their groups and the young students had the opportunity of joining the team as real scientist. We are looking forward sharing their results!

CEIP Villa de Quer

Astronomy workshop developed by Astroguada:

Street Spectra is part of ACTION project

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824603.